“That cat
does not look
into your eyes.
He looks straight
into your soul.”
— Tuomas

PIROK Double Trouble show!

PIROK/Ylöjärvi 19.5.2018 double trouble show:
* KingLeo's Here's to Freedom "Vertti" won 2xCAGCIB (of 3), 2xBIV, NOM on black show and one vote in panel ❤️
* KingLeo's Guri-Malla "Bambi" CAP, Premier & CAPIB ❤️
* KingLeo's I am Celaeno "Mona" CAP, Premier & CAPIB ❤️
* KingLeo's Hold Back the Rain "Zhanna" won CAC (of 2) & EX2 ❤️