“That cat
does not look
into your eyes.
He looks straight
into your soul.”
— Tuomas

Harstad 2.-3.6.2018

Saturday 2.6.2018 Great news from Harstad, Norway!
KingLeo's Black Hole Sun CAGPIB, Grand International Premior, BIV and NOM ❤️
KingLeo's I am Celaeno CAPIB and NOM ❤️
KingLeo's Here's to Freedom CAGCIB ❤️
KingLeo's Geir-Arne (at his father's home country) CAP, Premior ❤️

Sunday 3.6.2018
GIP KingLeo's Black Hole Sun CAPS, BIV and NOM ❤️ and with this BIV she became DVM!