“That cat
does not look
into your eyes.
He looks straight
into your soul.”
— Tuomas

Deisi tupla-BIS Kokkolassa! / Deisi double BIS in Kokkola!

Hieno näyttelyviikonloppu Kokkolassa 18.-19.2.2017! We had great show weekend in Kokkola!

Tulokset / Results:
Hashtag A Day In My Life EX1 BIV NOM BIS / EX1 NOM BIS
KingLeo's Bohemian Dream EX1 CAPIB NOM / EX1 CAPIB NOM
KingLeo's Encore Amy Jade (only Sunday) EX1 CAPIB
NineTales Lion King EX2 / EX2

Well done sweet little diva, Deisi and the rest of the gang! <3